film review – Devil’s Due

Possession movies are all the rage these days and while there’s not necessarily something wrong with that, most lack originality and creativity. Unfortunately Devil’s Due is no exception: boy and girl are happy, boy and girl do something incredibly stupid and… things don’t end well. In this case newlyweds Zach and Samantha go on their honeymoon and by acting incredibly stupid Sam gets inpregnated by the devil. What happens next is standard fare: Sam starts sleepwalking, eats things she really shouldn’t eat, has nose bleeds, et cetera. Since everything’s been done before, but usually much better, the movie lacks tension and suspense. Quite frankly: it’s boring, and the solid efforts of the two leads (Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) really can’t do anything about it.

In addition to the lack of an original plot, Devil’s Due‘s also a found footage film, but it uses that premise poorly. The appeal of the found footage genre used to be that those movies pretended everything on screen had really happened, that the recordings you were watching were left behind by people who went missing or had died. That illusion isn’t as present as it was when the genre first emerged, but most found footage films at least make you feel like you are watching something raw and therefore more real. Well, Devil’s Due doesn’t: it presents you with an hodgepodge of recordings from different sources, some of which the plot dictates could never have been found. Another offense is the use of different camera angles during some scenes. It seems that, along the way, the folks responsible for Devil’s Due felt hampered by the found footage genre restrictions and decided to ignore those. Or worse: they just didn’t get it.

The result of all the above is that you can’t have an immersive experience. There’s always something that pulls you out of the movie and makes you question why you’re watching something that simply hasn’t been thought through. Devil’s Due is a disaster of a film and fails to add anything to a genre that’s already overcrowded. 3/10


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