tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.6

This was the kind of episode that put things into perspective, even though it dropped the ball regarding any follow-up to last week’s cliffhanger. ‘Free Snacks’ was about Hannah’s next step: what would she do now that her book deal had fallen through? It turns out she moved on to another “bullshit gig” at GQ Magazine, as a writer for the advertorial section, “where it looks like a real artical, so they trick you into reading it, but then you find out it’s a paid advertisement, which is both morally and creatively bankrupt,” as Ray put it, among a slew of other snarky remarks. Hannah, of course, killed it at her new job, only to let her ego and unrealistic expectations almost sabotage everything once again: she wants to be a real writer, not some writer who works in corporate advertising. And while Hannah’s move was foolish, it was an entirely understandable one too: the sensible thing is often not what we really want, is it?

The other plot strand revolved around Marnie and Ray hanging out after last week’s sexual encounter, which was a joy to watch: Ray and Marnie are opposites and it was awkward to see how frustrating the situation was for both characters, but heartwarming too because they both feel isolated and try so hard. As Ray put it: “You have no one else to eat lunch with. And neither have I.” It’s a wonderful dynamic that bodes well for the future of the show. Paul Simms writing added credibility to this quite complicated relationship and both Allison Williams and Alex Karpovsky did a fantastic job portraying these two lonely characters. Because it was this interesting ‘Free Snacks’ fixed the seemingly random Ray and Marnie sex from ‘Only Child’, injecting the show with something that genuinely felt fresh.

What felt off though was the lack of follow-up to Adam’s sister being kicked out by Hannah. It was a big part of the previous episode and, by the looks of it, Adam and Hannah were in for a serious discussion about their relationship and their (family) values because of Hannah’s actions. But during ‘Free Snacks’ Adam’s sister was just gone and everything was hunky-dory. It was a jarring transition, because there was no mention of any of the issues Hannah and Adam were faced with during the last few episodes. Instead we got some lackluster Shosh scenes, which only distracted from the two main storylines.

‘Free Snacks’ was a step up from last week’s episode, with the characters being more relatable and more likeable because of the wonderful writing and acting. What’s going on with Adam’s sister, though? 8/10


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