tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.7

So far this season of Girls has been a mixed bag, the overall tone and quality shifting each episode. It’s hard to figure out where the story’s supposed to go and where the characters and “developments” actually fit in the scheme of things. ‘Beach House’ mostly meandered a lot, had maybe five minutes of significance when the girls fought and everything negative that had been building inside of them spilled out. It was interesting to watch, but it remains to be seen where this takes them and if it will ever be referred to again. In any case some things were said that had been long on the lips of not only the characters, but also the viewers. It was a moment that certainly had potential, but didn’t quite feel right: there was no progression there, just reconfirmation of what we already knew was going on. It wasn’t clever, it didn’t stir up emotions, it just was.

The set-up was good though: Marnie had organized a day at the beach, where she would stay with Hannah, Jessa and Shoshanna with only one goal: to heal, to repair the friendship that clearly wasn’t as tight anymore as it used to be. Her plans quickly fell apart when Hannah came across Elijah and friends and she invited them over to stay with them, knowing full well what Marnie had intended. It could’ve been a great spark for a fierce or meaningful episode, but ‘Beach House’ lacked teeth. Not only did nothing interesting happen – or the girls trying to make a dance routine work is your idea of engaging televion -, but in addition it focused too much on Elijah and friends, and the “climax” was rushed over. We ended with try-hard poignancy instead: Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna waiting for their bus back to the city, silently doing their dance routine from the day before. Not clever, not deep or meaningful; cringeworthy.

‘Beach House’ had all the pieces in place for a fantastic Girls episode, but it failed miserably to deliver. Boring, shallow filler is what we got. It can only go up from here. 4/10


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