tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.8

‘Incidentals’ zipped by, mostly because of the snappy and focused storytelling. The two main threads were about Adam on the one hand, who got his big break acquired his first Broadway role, and Hannah on the other, who was writing one of her advertorials and was warned about the possible consequences of her boyfriend’s budding stage career. Two smaller strands were about Marnie, who was dumped by Ray because he wants a real relationship with someone he actually connects with, and Jessa, who while bored to death working at the kids clothes store got paid a visit by Jasper from rehab.

These four plot lines came together when Hannah was asked to spend the night in a hotel room for another advertorial and she invited her friends over. It led to some funny scenes: Richard E. Grants’ Jasper assuming Shosh was on coke which led to her to explain she just had a rapid-fire mouth, no one being able to resist joining in when Adam’s co-star Desi played a song on his guitar and Adam doing some of his lines in the bathtub. The last scene was also rather touching and sweet: Hannah opened up about her fears and Adam comforted her. Both characters had more good moments this week: Hannah comforting a hurt Marnie was a nice scene, as was Adam’s attempt at staying classy in a conversation with Elijah who was only sucking up to Adam to get into the world of stage acting. When Adam couldn’t remain polite anymore, it was satisfying to watch: Elijah had it coming. Lastly: Jessa’s up to her old tricks again. When Jasper showed up, he had to do very little to get her to fall off the wagon. Before long they were doing coke together and the duo even took money from the store Jessa works at. It’ll be interesting to see where all of this goes. Another rehab road trip?

‘Incidentals’ brought some of the classic Girls flavor back. The episode offered laughs, heartfelt relatable moments and a pinch of tragedy, madness and idiocy. 8/10


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