tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.9

Well, at least now we know why Hannah’s this messed up. ‘Flo’ was all about Hannah visiting her grandma of her mother’s side (the titular Flo) in the hospital, which led to Hannah meeting up with her mother, two aunts and her niece as well. And, oh my, what a dysfunctional bunch. I’m just not sure what the episode’s intent was in presenting us with this wacky cast of one-dimensional characters. It reeked of filler and was another example of Girls suddenly abandoning almost everything last week’s episode had set up.

‘Flo’ felt very isolated and did absolutely nothing to move the plot forward or really elaborate on the character interactions central to Hannah’s story. One thing that came close was a conversation between Hannah and her mom about Adam, in which Mrs. Horvath shared what she thought of her daughter’s boyfriend, and some very harsh things were said. Mom ment well, because according to her living with a weird man is hard, but she obviously confused, angered and saddened Hannah. The talent for bluntness and being obllvious to the pain caused to others seems to be something that runs in the family, a trait sported by all the women in this episode.

Adam, once again, was a breath of fresh air. He’s the least self-obsessed of all the characters, genuinely cares about Hannah and tries to prove his devotion to her at every turn, without actually becoming a clingy dweeb. After a “car crash” Hannah was involved in, caused by her unsympathetic cousin, he came running to make sure she was okay and be there for her. When he learned there was really nothing wrong with Hannah (she only had a little bump on her head) he got fed up, but within reason. Adam’s changed a lot over the course of the series, an unlikely hero amidst many vapid and selfish characters.

‘Flo’ was uninspired filler material, but had a few moments that actually worked quite well. Not nearly enough, though. 5/10


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