tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.10

‘Role-Play’ was about Hannah desperately trying to save her relationship, because in her mind that’s what needed to happen. The remarks her mother made in last week’s episode ‘Flo’ had obviously left quite an impact and at the beginning of ‘Role-Play’ Hannah was dealing with those the way Hannah always does: not talking about it but acting out instead. Because that didn’t help and Hannah experienced Adam’s stage ambitions as threatening, she had a talk with Isaiah who advised her to do something about it. Hannah’s method: role-playing, in order to fullfil the desires she thought Adam had. Boy, was she wrong.

When Hannah gets lost in her own head, she tends to make decisions that only make matters worse and this time was no exception. She met Adam in a bar, dressed up, wig and all, and tried to have him degrade her because she thought that would turn him on. Adam was noticably confused, not sure what to make of all this, and in the end stopped her. Adam had to explain to Hannah that this is not what he wanted anymore, that this was who he was when sex was just a replacement for his drinking. But that after he had fallen in love with her he wanted to be sweet and in the moment. The entire season saw Hannah and Adam drift apart and now he’s decided he will stay with Ray for the moment, to avoid the drama and focus on his acting career. Lena Dunham and Adam Driver really made their scenes work. Dunham’s Hannah clearly disconnected and desperate, Driver’s Adam torn between taking care of her again or focusing on what he needs. He chose the latter.

The side stories were serviceable this week. Marnie went to see her “friend” Soojin to see if she could maybe get a job there, with her gallery background and experience. Unfortunately she was only offered an assistent function, which was way less than Marnie was hoping for. Furthermore she hung out with Adam’s co-star Desi, a guy she clearly feels a connection with. This turned out be a disappointment too: he has a girlfriend and is clearly not interested in Marnie, apart from developing a friendship with her. Allison Williams is doing a stellar job this season, with some very subtle acting on her end. The remaining plot strand was about Jessa, Jasper and Shoshanna, who found a way to drive a wedge between the two druggies: she reached out to Jasper’s daughter which led to his departure. Richard E. Grant did a fantastic job with the cooky and sad character, but there just isn’t that much meat to the storyline. Yes, Jessa’s a junkie, we get it. Now do something interesting with it.

‘Role-Play’ finally saw an interesting development in the Adam-Hannah relationship, but the rest wasn’t as interesting to watch. 6/10


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