tv review – HBO’s Girls, episode 3.11

After some misfires Girls finally delivered its first great episode of the third season. ‘I Saw You’ moved at a brisk pace, gave most characters something interesting to do and because of it nothing felt like filler material. This week Hannah continued her desperate and attention seeking ways, Adam stayed at Ray’s to work on his craft and Marnie was working at Soojin’s gallery and songwriting with Desi to prepare for an open mic night. Once again the focus was not so much on Shosh or Jessa, but at least their little moments were actually relevant and influenced the bigger picture, more so than last week’s Jasper plot which was quite isolated from the rest of the narrative.

Hannah found it hard to deal with Adam staying at Ray’s place. She worried he was slipping away and she wouldn’t notice he was breaking up with her until he was gone. Adam reassured her of course, was very patient with her once again, and accompanied her home after she showed up at Ray’s appartment to convince him he should come back. Hannah’s antics didn’t stop there though: she brought up how much she detested her job at her job… which got her fired on the spot. Hannah being Hannah she later told her friends (and anyone that would hear it) that she wanted to get fired, but in the moment it seemed like she was actually lost in her head again, totally oblivious to the consequences of her words and actions. It’s very typical of her character, and one of her final lines summed up her egotistical nature: “Everything is my business,” she snarled at Adam who tried to stop her from entering Ray’s bedroom because it was clear Ray was having company. Marnie to be exact. It will be interesting to see what happens now that that secret is out, especially because of the spiteful comments Hannah hurled at Ray and Marnie after barging in. I can’t imagine anyone in the appartment appreciated the way Hannah acted, least of all Adam.

Marnie’s arc is an interesting one too: she swallowed her pride and started working as Soojin’s assistant, even though she’s overqualified. But she knows her place: she could’ve easily thrown Soojin under the bus, but didn’t. She knew her boundaries and in a telling moment mentioned to an artist she wasn’t qualified to comment on the exhibition. And then Jessa walked in, being Jessa, and because of her brashness got offered a job by that same artist. It was quite a cruel situation and we couldn’t help but feel for Marnie. Later that day she tried to express to Desi that she really liked him, but he once again pointed out he has a girlfriend. So, in the end, after a rough day, she sought refuge with Ray, a guy she apparently feels safe with and trusts. It didn’t quite sit right with Ray though, but he was easily tempted.

It’s interesting how Hannah and Marnie are set up like mirror images now. Hannah’s never content and refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Marnie on the other hand is very much aware of what she wants and what she’s good at, but realizes that sometimes you have to things you don’t want to do, that sometimes you need to take a lot of small stepts to get to your preferred destination, instead of taking one big leap once. Marnie’s also definitely the most civil of the two characters and, right now, the one that actually acts like an adult.

‘I Saw You’ was a wonderful episode that raised the bar for next week’s season finale. All about the fallout? 8/10


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