tv review – AMC’s The Walking Dead, episode 4.15

Apart from Tyreese, Carol and Beth, everyone was represented this week. ‘Us’ showed us very little of Rick, Carl and Michonne, but the little scene they had was wonderful: Michonne was very open and cracking jokes, Carl was having fun and Rick enjoyed looking on, savored this precious moment. It was nice to see these three characters, a father and son who lost their mother and a mother who’s lost her boyfriend and child, connect and act like a warm and tight family unit. There’s trouble in their future though, but more on that later.

The bulk of the episode was about Glenn continuing his search for Maggie, with Tara as his loyal sidekick. The two of them were still with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita who eventually decided to part ways with Glenn when he and Tara were headed into a dark walker-infested tunnel, which was too much of a risk in Abraham’s book. And he was right: Glenn and Tara stumbled into a group of walkers and Tara got her foot stuck, a death sentence for her and Glenn who refused to leave her behind. However: we knew Eugene was going back for the duo and we also knew that Eugene, Abraham and Rosita saw something interesting before the show cut to Glenn and Tara’s hazardous situation. That’s why it really wasn’t a surprise when Glenn and Tara were rescued by the army trio and Maggie, Bob and Sasha. It did play out wonderfully though and the reunion between Maggie and Glenn was very sweet. The subsequent burning of Maggie’s picture was a bad omen though: Maggie saying “You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.” really raised a red flag. It’s something a character in horror really shouldn’t say. The tail end of ‘Us’ saw Glenn’s large group arrive at Terminus, so next week we’ll finally learn more about this mysterious place. But… it can’t be a good place, can it?

Lastly there was Daryl’s plot strand. He’s now traveling with a group I’ll call “The Claimers” because one of the main rules they live by: if they claim something its theirs. Daryl learned this the hard way, when he hunted for a rabbit that later got claimed by Len. Luckily group leader Joe stuck up for Daryl, which resulted in Daryl and Len both getting a half of the rodent. Len couldn’t let it go though and tried to frame Daryl. Joe saw through it though and ordered his men to kill Len, saving Daryl and effectively really recruiting him into the group. Near the end of ‘Us’ Daryl asked Joe why they were traveling toward Terminus, and we learned that The Claimers are after Rick, because he killed Lou when Joe and co entered the house Rick, Carl and Michonne were staying in back in ‘Claimed’. It doesn’t bode well for the new Grimes family.

‘Us’ was a solid episode with a lot of moving parts that all worked well. Each story was interesting and now that everyone’s at or near Terminus, next week’s ‘A’ promises to be an intense season finale. 8/10


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