column – Too much drama for me to handle

Maybe this is not so much a column, but more of a service announcement to all you great people who keep checking out my blog, specifically my TV reviews. You were probably hoping to see a Mad Men review, or to read my thoughts regarding the first episode of Californication‘s last season. Well, sorry, please put a pin in that for now. The thing is this: I’m just one guy writing about as many movies and shows as I can, and with all these great series airing right now I had to decide which ones to cover. Since I’ve already started discussing new show Turn, Game Of Thrones‘ latest season and obviously Hannibal, I’m hesitant to take on even more series. I’ll check out Fargo though and will probably end up reviewing it week in, week out. But as far as Mad Men and Californication are concerned I’ll just do a season review, because, basically, that’s all I have time for at the moment.

But, since I’m writing this, I would like to share my thoughts on Mad Men‘s ‘Time Zones’ and Californication‘s ‘Levon’ with you. I thought the new Mad Men episode was absolutely stellar, a brilliant continuation of one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s the beginning of the first half of the last season, and knowing that makes me extremely tense: not because the show’s ending per se, but because I have a feeling that big things will start happening. Mad Men has always been a show that cultivated violence, drama and death brewing underneath the surface, and I strongly suspect that it’s not going to end well for Don, or most characters on the show. There’s a definite “adapt or die” scenario going on, so I’m excited where Mad Men takes us and what its final destination is going to be. On to Californication: Hank’s back in LA now, vying for Karen’s affections once more and, other than that, the show threw the new and quite trite twist at us that Hank’s had another son he was unaware of until the latest episode. Not only that, but his kid happens to be an awkward, weird and dumb character, just a tool for the show to create laughs, which makes Leon and the whole idea surrounding him extremely forced at the moment. Californication is a show that has ran out of ideas seasons ago, but occasionally stumbles upon something great, but this idea is not one of those wonderful revelations. What was great was the casting of Michael Imperioli as a Hollywood TV exec, but right now he seems like the one well-oiled cog in an old and rusty machine. Grades: Mad Men‘s ‘Time Zones’ gets a solid 9, ‘Levon’ a 4. Step it up, Cali, end on a high note.

That’s all for now, folks. Thank you for your continued support and look out for my Fargo review tomorrow. Also, don’t hesitate to let me know what shows you would like me to check out further down the line (May, June, thereabouts), because I will definitely take your feedback into consideration. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “column – Too much drama for me to handle

  1. I hear ya. I’m actually really impressed with the amount of content you’ve already been posting; I couldn’t possibly do that, so kudos to you there. I’m doing the same as you concerning a season review, just with Game of Thrones instead of Mad Men (I find GOT much more difficult to write about on an episode to episode basis). There’s just so much stuff on Sunday nights, what with Silicon Valley and Veep and GOT and Mad Men, and I spend a considerable amount of time dissecting Mad Men, so it can get overwhelming at times.

    Agreed with you on your thoughts about the Mad Men premiere, and I look forward to Fargo and your review.

    Suggestions? Orphan Black’s fantastic and returning next Saturday, Orange is the New Black and Rectify are back in June, The Americans and Person of Interest are having stellar seasons, and Shameless just wrapped one up. Any of these are highly recommended.

    • Thanks for the kind words and suggestions! I’ve heard a lot of great thing about Orphan Black, so I hope to find the time to check that out soon. Other than that, come May I’ll be checking out Penny Dreadful, which is a series I’m very curious about because I’m a big horror fan. I hope it’s a show that has more to offer than just gore and cheap shocks, but I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

      • Yeah, Orphan Black’s fantastic: well written and entertaining, and features one of–although really, multiple, because clones–the best performances on TV by Tatiana Maslany.

        I’ll check out Penny Dreadful; if we’re talking horror series, I also wonder about FX’s The Strain. Hopefully, it’s good, as we need some good horror series on TV (I wouldn’t really consider, say, The Walking Dead a horror series outside of the pilot, or AHS, which was awful last season).

      • There’s also the forthcoming Rosemary’s Baby miniseries, but… it doesn’t look that great, to be honest. But maybe it will prove me wrong. I do adore the Polanski film based on the book, though.

  2. Starting August 1 is the finale of one of my top, top shows of all time: The Killing. Showrunner: Veena Sud. It ran 3 seasons and then AMC wasn’t going to re-new it. So Netflix (intelligently picked it up for 6 (maybe 8).) final episodes. I am so eager to see it because of the wonderful duo of Holder and Linden (Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos). And I can’t go without mentioning the setting – a gloomy, rainy, foreboding and unsettling Seattle and surrounds – a “character in itself.” Will you be reviewing that?

    • Hi Lizzie, I actually haven’t gotten around yet to checking that show out. I’ve been meaning to get to it for a long time (I’m interested in both the Danish original and the American version of the show). So, in order to review S3 I have to check out the first two seasons first, which I’m not sure I’ll be able to do in just a few weeks. But I will think about it. Thanks for putting in my radar again, though!

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