tv review – FX’s Fargo, episode 1.5

Ever since the first episode of the show no character had noticed Lester’s hand wound, but now ‘The Six Ungraspables’ finally made a big deal out of Lester’s affliction. The opening showed us exactly how the shotgun pellet ended up in his hand (it passed through Sheriff Vern Thurman before ending up there), then saw Mr. Numbers put pressure on the wound to get Lester to talk about Lorne Malvo in the holding cell, and then our insurance salesman was even transported to the hospital where the doctor told Molly that Lester had almost lost his hand and that his wound was actually the result of a lodged shotgun pellet. The end of ‘The Six Ungraspables’ had Molly check on Lester because, after having gathered evidence and having her boss’ okay, she finally thinks she can get him to talk, especially after he confessed to her he had something to do with Sam Hess’ murder on the trip over to the hospital. Since he was in a delirious state, he will probably recant his confession next week and weasel his way out of the predicament he now finds himself in, but Molly isn’t anything if not perseverant and she has a personal stake in this matter, as once again evidenced by her scene with Thurman’s widow and newborn. Molly won’t let his murder and everything tied to it go.

Much like her, Gus Grimly is also determined to track down evildoers and make the world a better place. After being told a parable by his neighbor, about how no man can put an end to the world’s suffering, his answer was “Yeah, but you gotta try, don’cha?”, effectively showing us how he can’t let and won’t let Malvo get away with everything. While he admires Molly’s detective skills, he confessed to not being a good detective himself, which makes you wonder what ways Grimly will resort to to put an end to Malvo’s trail of death and violence. Especially now that he led the man to his door: after a night out looking for Malvo, Malvo followed him back to his house and threatened Gus’ neighbor in the process. Given Malvo’s speech to Grimly when he pulled him over a few episodes ago, one imagines Grimly is in trouble, as is his daughter Malvo now knows about. Great going there, Gus. At least he’s fine for the moment and he’s going to meet up with Molly to look over the case again, hopefully making some progress before it’s too late.

Meanwhile Malvo’s blackmail plan has almost come to an end: Stavros agreed to pay his blackmailer to warrant the safety of his son (the next Biblical plague up on the list was the death of his firstborn). Lorne drove the man home at night and Stavros then told him that he will take care of the transfer himself, cutting Malvo loose as his hired help. We know that he will see Lorne again though, because Malvo orchestrated this whole thing. A fun moment was the way Stavros’ son was included: he figured out that the locusts from last week were actually planted and, before that, purchased at local pet shops, but his father wouldn’t listen to him. It was a nice touch, because the kid was mostly presented to us as a pun-loving doofus. One wonders if this is the first sign of trouble for Lorn: everything up until now has gone smoothly, but thanks to Lester Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench are now looking for Malvo too, in addition to our two favorite cops. Will everyone show up on the same location at the same time to cause things to fully escalate? We’ll find out.

‘The Six Ungraspables’ effectively moved the characters forward. While it lacked big moments, it was another quality outing. 9/10


4 thoughts on “tv review – FX’s Fargo, episode 1.5

  1. You can’t find better tv these days. Fargo is simply amazing and will keep you on the edge of your seat every second. This episode is no exception, it just keeps getting better. So long as it continues to amaze through its last 5 episodes I can easily say “Best fucking show ever!” Thank you FX.

    • Fargo is definitely one of the best shows airing right now (second only to Hannibal, in my opinion). Best show ever, though? I’m not sure; there are a lot of great shows out there (past and present).

  2. True: Malvo may feel the walls closing in, but sort of like Anton from No Country for Old Men, he’s able to stay one step ahead of others because he’s good at anticipating the human mind. He’s no deity that knows everything, but he can at least get a feel for how people will react to him. Not having a background makes him even more mysterious. Numbers and Wrench are indeed X factors since, for the most part, I don’t think Malvo is aware of them and now Lester’s dropped his name. Odd that Malvo would willingly give his name to the hotel owner, but I assume there’s a reason for it, given how his name yielded no search results when Gus and Greta did their research. Good episode, but definitely loved Solverson’s glare at Lester at the end, almost like she was staring straight into his soul.

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