tv review – HBO’s True Blood, episode 7.7

True Blood’s latest episode was complete filler, stretching out the plot lines until their breaking points just to make it to the end of the season. There was literally one development that’s actually worth mentioning, but that particular step forward actually felt rushed despite the show’s lingering. Spending time on a certain dynamic doesn’t necessarily help, it’s how you use that amount of time, and in True Blood’s case it isn’t used well. Because, despite the many scenes with a moping Sookie and an ill Bill, their get-together still felt forced and trite; we knew it was going to happen eventually, one way or another, but to have them just have sex a day or two after Alcide got shot in the head doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. It also doesn’t make Sookie any less unsympathetic, unfortunately. Her quest for a cure for Bill could’ve achieved that goal, but because of the way that particular plot strand was executed it lacked urgency and heart, and it didn’t seem like Sookie was all that invested in saving a man she apparently still loves.

Other than that ‘May Be The Last Time’ more or less left things as they were before the episode started. Eric, Pam and the Yakimono corporation are still looking for Sarah “Noomie” Newlin (who is suddenly talking to hallucinations, a cringeworthy turn for one of the show’s most fun characters), Andy and Holly are still looking for their kids (who are held captive in Violet’s actual sex dungeon), Lafayette and Tara’s mom are still looking for Tara (do you notice a theme here?), Jessica is still grieving uncontrollably over Bill’s disease and Sam’s storyline is still entirely pointless. But hey, we got a sex dream courtesy of Arlene and a blossoming romance between her and Keith the random vampire, so now everything’s fine and dandy, right? But seriously: True Blood’s tendency to just fill up an episode’s running time with dumb and pointless (imagined) sex scenes and/or sudden stabs at clichéd romance, is becoming a problem. Most plot lines are problematic in fact: you’d hope that a show’s final season would offer viewers monumental moments, interesting shifts and tension-filled, high-stakes developments before the series’ is wrapped up, but so far True Blood season 7 hasn’t managed to bring any of that.

And then there’s the wasted potential category. Hoyt returned to Bon Temps with his girlfriend, which is as good a premise as any for some drama given Hoyt’s past with Jason. Unfortunately this whole situation was clumsily handled, a shame since the phone call from a few episodes back proved there are actually some chances here to generate genuine emotion. But instead of focusing on Jason’s feelings toward Hoyt and the fact these two used to be best friends, ‘May Be The Last Time’ chose a different angle: to have Jason uncontrollably ogle Hoyt’s girlfriend. Why? Jury’s still out on that one, since so far it was nothing short of awkward, both on the show and the writers’ part.

‘May Be The Last Time’ was another insufferable True Blood episode. Everyone involved with its creation is clearly just riding it out, as are we by now. 2/10


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