Spoiler policy

No one wants to be spoiled and read a crucial bit of information that gives away a twist or particularly juicy scene from a show or movie. That’s why, here at Pop Eye, there’s a system in place. It’s quite a simple one, really: only TV episode reviews contain spoilers, because it allows me to discuss an episode, recap it, analyze every detail and give a clear explanation of my verdict. To me there’s no point in reviewing a particular outing if I can’t get down to the nitty-gritty; part of the fun is finding clues in each scene to figure out a character’s agenda or to piece together what’s possibly going to happen next.

So, in short: you will find no spoilers on Pop Eye in the reviews for films or TV seasons, only in my reviews for a show’s particular episode.

That’s why I recommend you watch an episode first and return later to read a review. Or proceed at your own risk, if you’re into that sort of thing. That being said: thanks for checking out Pop Eye and I hope that, with these guidelines, you will find the blog to be a fun and spoiler-free reading experience.


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